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Our mission is to inspire, motivate and entertain children and adults of all ages, to promote healthy, positive ways to play, communicate and interact with our families, friends and community.

My Alien Baby is an elegantly designed life-like baby doll unlike any other. It has a specially designed and weighted head which requires support and holding like a real baby. My Alien Baby encourages responsibility, compassion and real nurturing skills…and is off the scale cute!

My Alien Baby is the “Cabbage Patch Doll” of this new millennium. When you adopt My Alien Baby from ‘Galacticare” (the renowned intergalactic aid organization) you enter a whole new galaxy of fun, adventure and discovery. My Alien Baby is ideal for kids and adults of all ages, helping enhance relating and connecting to our common humanity through accepting our differences.

Life can be stressful, chaotic and demanding. It seems everyone wants something from you, there’s always so much to do….and so little time. Stop. Breathe. Relax and rise…Upple.

Upple Is a funky piece of art, a radical spinning top and a modular lighting system designed to get people out of there heads, out of their stress and into a state of play, mindfulness and flow.

The Upple is a reminder that we can put a new spin on life and move through our challenges in a different way.

The Upple is a cool, quirky way to light up your world.

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Using the Upple as a point of focus for mindful meditation can help reduce distracting thoughts and alleviate anxiety.

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